Welcome to St. Catherine's Episcopal Church.

Our mission is to seek, love, & serve God through worship, education, & service, and to share the redeeming love of Christ with the world.

At St. Catherine's, all are welcome.


Effective December 12, in-person worship services are cancelled until further notice – this was a very difficult decision made out an abundance of caution in light of spiking COVID cases in the Birmingham area, and with guidance from Bishop Kee. We will continue to post recorded Sunday morning prayer services each week, and will include recorded Christmas services. They can be found on this site, under “Worship”.

Giving to St. Catherine’s

Click on the button below to make a financial contribution to St. Catherine’s. Your gift to our parish will enable us to continue doing the work that God has called us to do as the Episcopal Church in Chelsea, Alabama. Thank you for your generosity.

Parish Prayer List
“If we genuinely love people, we desire for them more than it is within our power to give, and that will cause us to pray.”  Richard Foster

Prayer Request folders are located in the pamphlet holders on the back of the chairs in the nave. You may use these to request additions to our prayer list. Fill out the folder and place it in the offering basket or hand to one of the greeters. Names will appear on the prayer list for a month unless you request otherwise. You may also email Father Ben to request names be added to the list. Email him at rector@stcatherineal.com or you may click here.


Remote Area Medical (RAM)

Remote Area Medical (RAM) provides “pop-up” clinics for licensed volunteer practitioners to treat patients just as they would at a regular doctor’s visit. On average RAM treat 500 patients during a two-day clinic. Several years ago, St. Catherine’s was a venue when our local health care workers provided these services in Chelsea which included medical, vision, and dental for patients without insurance. So, how can we help?

RAM will need medical volunteers from the above specialties. They also need volunteers to help welcome, direct traffic from the waiting areas to the location to meet with the doctor, handle the paperwork, give referrals for follow-up visits for tooth extractions etc.

Each of us can become a core volunteer.  Please visit their website for more information and to register as a volunteer, or call RAM Headquarters and speak to one of their volunteer coordinators.

RAMUSA.ORG        (865) 579-1530

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