From time to time you may wish to make a contribution to St. Catherine’s in memory of someone special, or in celebration of a special person or event. To facilitate giving on such occasions, we are developing an ongoing wish list of items that in some way would enhance the worship services and other events at church.

Here is the list, updated as of August 29, 2019:

  • New Processional Torches – these will be used by our acolytes during the 10:30 am service and will replace the wax candles. For details, speak with Cathy Cawthon, Altar Guild Chair.
  • Computer projector – useful in presentations to the congregation and during Vacation Bible School. For details, speak with Amy Molloy, Parish Life Chair.
  • Ice Machine – to make ice and save money when we have events. Would love to have one similar to what Julie Seal has – please talk to her about brand and model.

If you have items you think would be appropriate for our wish list, please speak with a member of the vestry. This list will also be posted in the parish hall .